My new exhibition will open soon in Helsinki – and it’s getting hotter and hotter at the glass studio whilst finishing the massive glass sculptures for the show. The theme of the exhibition is Time (in Finnish Aika). Time is a puzzle until it is captured inside glass as an optical illusion.

The exhibition place in Glass Gallery Mafka & Alakoski is actually very special to me: We have been working side by side for years, so it’s great to “bring my glass back home”! Marja and Kari have became my dear friends during our collaboration, so the exhibition is also showing how important it is in the world of art to work together!

Sini Majuri with glass sculptures for Aika exhibition.
Aika exhibition will open 8.8.18 at Glass Gallery Mafka & Alakoski, Iso roobertinkatu 19 Helsinki
The first sculptures are ready and being cold worked at the studio.


Time is the Chapter Five from the glass cartoon story that has been touring the World the past years. One piece from The Flying Boat just got back from New York. It’s great to exhibit the new glass narrative with some of my earlier works. The inspiration of the Time is in old storied from Karelia region of Finland. For example, one of the stories is about the origin of the world.

Process of the exhibition pieces is unique. Each sculpture is handmade in Riihimäki
Theme of the exhibition is time.
Theme of the exhibition is Time. It’s about stories collected from people who have their roots in  Karelia, and the positive outlook on life. One backround story is a theory of the origin of the World.



I look at the sea. This familiar infiniteness, I have stayed on its shores
countless times. Still – disconnected from time.
I contemplate how some moments are the most meaningful, how they
can define your whole person. For me time is an invisible companion.
We dive through it, we navigate through it with the help of our memory.
Time smooths its own corners, hides the details of changes.
I have wanted to give form to the invisible. Even if it was a mere whisper.


Sini Majuri, Aika – Time

Gallery Mafka & Alakoski

Iso roobertinkatu 19, Helsinki

8.8 – 8.9. 2018