A Karelian folklore about the origin of the Universe is one of the main inspirations of the Aika sculptures. According to the story, the Big bang was not one of it’s kind. It’s just one bubble in the boiling water that is constantly turning and simmering. 

The pieces are a mixture of science and fairytale.
Time and space are knitted together with loose yarn
Sculptures are made in Riihimäki
The symbol of eternity is hidden inside thick glass
Cell division and star charst underline, that glass allows us to see microscopically close and far beyond the stars. In Aika series the traditional Scandinavian techniques are mixed up with new ideas.
The green color is made by coloring the glass in the furnace. So the color in the core of the sculpture is solid and intensive.
Steam stick and graal are the main techniques in the Aika sculptures


Sini Majuri: Aika 8.8.- 8.9.2018

Galleria Mafka & Alakoski
Iso Roobertinkatu 19
00120 Helsinki



Pictures by Heidi-Hanna Karhu, Helsinki