Please send me email if you have questions about the glass items. Most of my glass works are not listed online.

Gem lamp

Color options for the Gem lamp are emerald green and turquoise. Dimensions of the lamps are about 35 cm x 20 cm. Dimmable filament led bulb is included. Shipping inside EU 150 €, to US 250 €.



Cassiopeia pieces are made from recycled glass. Awailable on 3 sizes: 8cm, 15 cm and 25 cm tall. Every dome is unique. Possible to order multiple domes at the same time. Please specify the size of the item. Shipping inside EU 35 €, to US 100 €


Spike lamp

Handmade in Finland. Materials are metal punk spikes and white ceramics. The power cord is fabrick coated and supported with a metal wire. Spike lamps are signed and numbered. Manufacturing time for a lamp is 2 weeks. Shipping inside EU 150 €, to US 250 €. Please ask more information via email.