Contemporary glass
Sini Majuri creates contemporary glass in Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki based glass artist Sini Majuri (Master of Arts) is awarded with multiple design awards, such as Golden A’Design Award from Italy – where she has also been invited three times as the Grand Jury member. Majuri combines glass with technology, AI and robotics. Her glass sculptures have appeared in over 70 exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, New Mexico, Toronto, Venice and Hong Kong. Majuri often combines glass with 3D design and comic strip influenced expression. Her art has been featured in various international publications, for example in magazines such as Designboom, Elle and Urban Glass.

Contemporary Glass artist Sini Majuri works in the Glass Studio Hytti located in Suomenlinna island. She also cooperates with glass studio Mafka&Alakoski located in Riihimäki, with glass blowers Marja Hepo-aho and Kari Alakoski.

In this twisted era of War and insecurity, artists have a responsibility in capturing the nature of the time. I believe that Art is programmed deep into human heredity. As a glass artist I see craftsmanship; creating by hands, as a vital part of my art. The profound importance of craftsmanship sparks in our primitive instincts. It’s clicking in the Stone Age tools, step by step towards civilization. We have originally shaped our security, construction, innovation and creation with our hands. Therefore art has always been connected deeply in humanity. Art opens when it interacts. It is a form of communication that has retained the character of mystery throughout time. It’s a universal language. The language of beauty and spirituality. Even dangerous language. And it must be dangerous, because it always reveals our true essence. 

Glass is an expressive material that reaches the invisible layers of existence. As a contrast to its sensuality, glass is one of the key technologies that have shaped the modern World. It allowed us to discover the microscopic World as well as the distance of Space. It has magic and primordiality. History. Unknown.

contemporary glass helsinki finland
Sini Majuri creates contemporary glass in Helsinki Finland
In Sini Majuri’s unique works, an ancient graal-technique is explored with new ways.

Woman is a recurring theme in my unique sculptures: How she has been portrayed in culture throughout the millennia. Especially in the myths such as Eve and Pandora, an active and curious woman is the root of all evil. Lilith, the World’s first woman that sees herself as equal to man is demonized as well as strong matriarch Louhi from Kalevala myths. I often reflect these distant echoes of mythological women in the sculptures. At the same time, the sculptures are images of saints, movie stars and selfies tangled together with real life women. In the sculptures faces are waving, when viewed from the side, the eyes multiply. At the same time, a person is under water or in an old-fashioned picture frame, inside a futuristic cell like mass. My sculptures often reflect how our own perspective affects how we see each other. It’s always blurred by the time and culture. There are always hidden layers in us all.

Contemporary glass
Sini Majuri creates contemporary glass that mixes technology and art. Collective artwork Roboballet dance show was exhibited in Helsinki 2023.