Article in Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

Article in YLE News

Read an article and see a short video from the exhibition Etiäinen that is inspired by old Savonian visiting traditions from the link. The exhibition is open in Kellarikalleria art gallery, Suonenjoki till 24.6.2021.

Find the article: Palkittu lasitaiteilija on yhdistänyt teoksiinsa vanhat kyläilyyn liittyvät uskomukset ja pandemiakokemukset – katso videolta lopputulos from the link. Photo: Marianne Mattila / YLE

Article in Savon Sanomat Newspaper

Read about the exhibition “Etiäinen” that is held in Kellarikalleria art gallery in Suonenjoki, Finland from the Savon Sanomat Newspaper from the link. Welcome to the exhibition in beautiful Kellarikalleria till 24.6.21.

Article: Palkittu lasitaiteilija Sini Majuri toi veistoksensa kotiin – Lasitaide on runollinen tapa käsitellä materiaalia ja tehdä esineitä, joilla on oma sielu ja karisma in Savon Sanomat.

Exhibitions in Suonenjoki & Sipoo

Sini Majuri’s exhibition Etiäinen will be premiered in her home town Suonenjoki in June 2th 2021. The exhibition showcases her latest sculptural works. The exhibition continue to Gumbostrand Konst&Form, Sipoo and Venice Glass Week, Italy later this year.

Sini Majuri wins four Awards from A’Design Award

Glass designer Sini Majuri has been awarded with four design awards from international A’Design Award 2021. Bumpy vase designed to DutZ Collection, Flow vase collection and Icy Cocktail Glass were all awarded with silver Awards. Cassiopeia sculpture got a Bronze A’Design Award.

Bumpy vase for DutZ Collection

Sini Majuri designs a collection of glass vessels with organic icy ornaments for DutZ Collection. In 2021 Bumpy vase is available in blue, gray and orange.

A’Design Award online Gala

I feel extremely honoured and humbled to be invited to A’Design Award Gala, that was arranged online this year. It’s great to receive these design awards for Rainforest, Iceberg and Spike series! Thank you for my great team and design partners for all the wonderful support over the years. In the time of Pandemic, working together is even more important.


Venice Glass Week 2020

Sini Majuri’s glass installation Cassiopeia was exhibited in Venice Glass Week HUB in September 2020. The idea of the piece is to play with a combination of dim and bright lights and create a landscape from unique free formed glass shapes. Cassiopeia reflects Scandinavian aesthetics and light through organic surfaces. The design philosophy behind the ‘Cassiopeia’ is to create poetic interpretation of the nature of glass. How it allows to see to the deepness of the Universe though the lenses of telescope and into the smallest details of life in the microscopic world.



Awards from Italian A’Design Awards

Sini Majuri Glass Design won three design prizes from Italian A’Design Awards. The Iceberg sculptures and Rainforest vase collection won Silver Awards and also the Spike lamp got an Iron award.


Helsinki Design + Contemporary Art auction opens at Bukowskis

Welcome to discover Helsinki Design + Contemporary Art – an auction that offers the very best of Finnish design and contemporary art. The auction presents an impressive array of Finnish contemporary art and design objects by leading designers. Auction open online 20 March – 05 April.


Sini Majuri in A’Design Award Grand Jury

For 2020 – 2021 there are 219 Jury Members forming the International Design Academy – The Grand A’ Design Award Jury Panel – The World’s Largest and Most Influential Design Award Jury. Sini Majuri will represent Finnish design and glass making in the jury. She is also the only jury member from Finland in 2020. Majuri won a Golden award from the competition in 2019.



Ornamo Design & Art Sale at Kaapelitehdas


The Ornamo Art and Design Sale brings hundreds of artworks to Puristamo at Helsinki Cable Factory. These include unique design objects, miniature sculptures, jewelry as well as ceramic, metal, glass and textile art by well-known and rising Finnish designers and artists. The selection will vary throughout the venue, as the sold items are replaced with new ones by the artists. Buying art at Ornamo Art and Design Sale is easy and effortless – welcome to see our selection!

Time: March 7th – March 15th, 2020
Location: Puristamo, Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki.


Designer of the day


Find my interview from here.  Thank you for the nomination as the designer of the day in A’Design Awards!

Cassiopeia lamps and Gem vases at Unionin26 design shop!


Welcome to Unionin26 design shop in Helsinki. You can find a small collection of my latest glass pieces from there, for example Gem vases and Cassiopeia lamps. Unionin26 shop is located near Kauppatori and Bulevardi.

Dreams – Sini Majuri & Heini Riitahuhta. Exhibition in Gallery Pictor, Vihti


Sini Majuri


Heini Riitahuhta
Tervetuloa avajaisiin lauantaina 16.11 klo 14-16.
Näyttelyn avaa Italian suurlähettiläs H.E Gabriele Altana.
Taiteilijat ovat avajaisissa paikalla.
Galleria Pictor

Karhumäenpolku 5, 03100 Nummela
Avoinna to, pe ja la 12-16

Welcome to the Venice Glass Week Exhibitions

venice glass week 2019

Sini Majuri, Iceberg
The Venice Glass Week Hub 
7th – 15th September (10am to 6pm)
Palazzo Franchetti (3rd Floor)
San Marco 2482 
30124 Venezia 
Opening party: Friday 6th September, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

3D Graal. Dreams drown inside the glass by Sini Majuri
Hotel Saturnia & International 
7th – 15th September 
Calle Larga XXII Marzo, 2398
30124 Venezia 
Opening party: Saturday 7th September 2019 from 6.30pm

1000 Vases exhibition opens in Paris


Tendence design-fair in Frankfurt


Sini Majuri Glass Design will present the 2019 collection in Tendence design fair 29.6 – 1.7.2019. Find the booth from Hall 8, level 0, E02 D! Welcome!

Gunnel Nyman themed exhibition opens in Helsinki

Welcome to the group exhibition in Gallery Mafka & Alakoski, Iso roobertinkatu 19, Helsinki at 23.5.-20.6.2019. The opening of the group show will be on Thursday 23.5 at 18 – 20 PM.

“Where’s the secret of the objects?” This is the key question Gunnel Nyman made in her article, Glass, which became her testament for glass artists. 110 years have passed since the birth of Gunnel Nyman (1909-1948). Nyman was a pioneer of the Finnish art glass and a successful female artist. In her exhibitions, she was also the first Finn to highlight the names of glassblowers.

I will exhibit pieces that highlight the Nyman’s philosophy on discovering the coincidences of glass. Esittelen näyttelyssä esineitäni, joissa yhdistyy lasin sattumien ja “virheiden” tarkastelu ja korostaminen osana teosta.

Tervetuloa Gunnel Nymanin inspiroimaan ryhmänäyttelyyn Isoroba 19:sta Helsingissä. Galleria Mafka & Alkakoskessa 23.5.-20.6.2019 järjestettävä ryhmänäyttely tarkastelee Gunnel Nymanin muotokieltä sekä tämän hetken naisia lasimuotoilijoina.

”Missä piilee esineiden salaisuus?” Tämä on avainkysymys, jonka Gunnel Nyman esitti artikkelissaan Lasi, josta tuli hänen testamenttinsa jälkipolvien lasitaiteilijoille. Gunnel Nymanin (1909-1948) syntymästä on tänä vuonna kulunut 110 vuotta. Hän oli suomalaisen taidelasin edelläkävijä ja tienraivaaja, menestynyt naistaiteilija. Lasin runoilija Gunnel Nyman suunnitteli niin taidelasia kuin käyttölasia. Näyttelyissään hän ensimmäisenä suomalaisena nosti esiin myös lasinpuhaltajien nimet.


Jungle Collection wins Gold from A’Design Awards


Jungle Collection won a Golden award from International A’Design Award. A’ Design Award and Competition is the worlds’ largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services. The motto of the A’ Design Awards is “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future. We believe that the future is shaped by arts, design and technology, thus there is need of good design for a better future.

Article in Savon Sanomat Newspaper

savon sanomat

Find the article about Suonenjoki-vase by Veera Jääskeläinen from Savon Sanomat Magazine from 20.4.2019 issue. Images by Juha Poutanen.

Sini Majuri designed a vase for the town of Suonenjoki, her home town. The vase-series is made in Riihimäki. The Suonenjoki vase will be used as the towns official gift.

Article in Glorian Koti Magazine

The new Rainforest vase is in the latest Glorian Koti Magazine! Find it from the issue 3/2019!

Sini Majuri’s interview on Glass Art Society

Today’s artist is Sini Majuri from Helsinki, Finland. When asked what draws her to glass she said, “Glass is one of the key technologies that modern science has evolved from – through the invention of the lens. It is a medium that can be serene and wild at the same time. It bends light and has interesting optical properties. So, when I’m working with glass, I have a sexy material that is like no other.

Read the entire article from Glass Art Society: HERE.

Article in Avotakka Magazine

Sini Majuri Avotakka

Article about Sini Majuri’s three-dimensional poetry by lead editor Kari-Otso Nevaluoma can be found from latest Avotakka Magazine.

Contemporary Glass Art by Sini Majuri auction opens at Bukowskis!

Cell. Graal glass. Steam stick. Solid green inner bubble. Engrawing on the outer surface.

Sini Majuri’s first solo auction at Bukowskis opened in Helsinki 4.12 and ends 13.12.2018. The theme of the auction is voluminous glass. Many of the sculptures are solid glass. For example the heart of the “Cell” is solid green glass that is floating weightlessly inside water-like object. Visit the auction cataloque here. The exhibition will also be at Bukowskis Market, Mastokatu 4, Helsinki. Welcome!




Sini Majuri’s vases at Stockmann!

Now is the perfect time to start Christmass shopping and head to the Helsinki City Centers iconic Stockmann store! Limited edition of Sini Majuri’s glass vases will be there during the Christmass season. You can also find her work from Stockmann’s lovely Christmass Magazine!

Rajoitettu erä Sini Majurin lasimaljakoita löytyy Helsingin keskustan Stockmann-myymälästä joulusesongin ajan! Esineitä voi käydä myös ihailemassa Stockmannin joulukuvastosta!

Pukinkonttiin tai joulupöydän kruunuksi: Rajoitettu erä Sini Majurin lasia Stokkalla joulusesongin ajan. (Kuva Stockmann Christmass Magazine)

NORDEN – Festival of Cool, Toronto Harbourfront Centre

September 22, 2018 – June 2, 2019

Artists: Sini Majuri, Evelina Dovsten & Kristin Larsson, Bjørn Friborg, Mervi Haapakoski, Renata Jakowleff, Auli Rautiainen, Kirsten Vikingstad Storesund and Ida Wieth

Nordic glass was at a high point in the mid-20th century. Famous glass factories like Orrefors, Iittala, Holmegaard and Kosta Boda; and designers such as Tapio Wirkkala and Alvar Aalto were synonymous with good design and refined taste. This heyday created distinctive identities for all four countries—Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland—and collectively added to the Scandinavian Modern aesthetic.

Sadly, few of the glass factories remain due to market pressures and outsourcing. However, these economic realities have not lessened the association of well-designed and crafted glass within Nordic countries. The situation has given rise to a bright new generation of glass artists and designers; ones with independent spirits focused on self-expression, experimentation and entrepreneurship.

This exhibition highlights a group of glass artists shaping the future of Nordic glass for the 21st century.

My glass mountains are exhibited in the show.
Nordic glass exhibition takes place in lovely Harbourfront Centre. I’m tryly honored to be one of the artists in this show!


Tervetuloa Taiteiden Yönä tapaamaan lasitaiteilija Sini Majuria ja tutustumaan tämän uusiin Aika-näyttelyn teoksiin!

Aika on lasinen kertomus, jossa nykyteknologia kohtaa lasinpuhalluksen perinteet. Jokainen lasiveistos on katkelma surrealistista tarinaa, joka on kuin optisten illuusioiden kautta ratkaistava arvoitus. Kiehtovalla ja erityisen haastavalla tekniikalla luodut teokset esittelevät lasipinnan alla olevia kolmiulotteisia kuvamaailmoja.

Näyttelyn teema, aika, on yhtä moniulotteinen kuin lasi materiaalina. Aika on suhteellista. Pieni hetki voi määritellä koko ihmisen – emmekä kuitenkaan pysty muistamaan edes tärkeimpiä hetkiä täydellisesti.

Veistoksissa massiivinen lasi yhdistetään taiteilijan omakätisiin kuvituksiin, joissa ajan ja paikan ulottuvuudet sekoittuvat. Kun kuvat suljetaan lasin sisään, ne pysyvät muuttumattomina vuosituhansia. Taiteilija kertoo teosten kautta myös meidän ajastamme ja vangitsee sen näin aikakapseleihin tuhansiksi vuosiksi.

Sini Majuri: Aika 8.8.-8.9.2018

Taiteilijatapaaminen Taiteiden Yönä, torstaina 23.8. kello 17-21


Vapaa pääsy

Galleria Mafka&Alakoski

Iso Roobertinkatu 19

00120 Helsinki

Artikkeli Helsingin Sanomissa!

Aika-näyttelyn esineiden valmistuksesta kirjoitettiin Helsingin Sanomien Kulttuuriliitteessä 20.8! Nettiversiossa on myös tunnelmallinen video esineiden synnystä! Hyppää lasistudion salaperäiseen maailmaan ja lue koko artikkeli tästä: linkistä!

“Lasipajan työ näyttää tottumattoman silmään hirvittävän vaaralliselta. Kuolema on läsnä. Laavamöykkyjä kuljetetaan ripeästi huoneen toiselta laidalta toiselle, uunien luukkuja availlaan, tulikuumat metallityökalut sihahtavat kohdatessaan saavien kylmät vedet. Lasinpuhaltajan kämmenen ja 1 000-asteisen möykyn välissä on vain kärähtänyttä sanomalehtipaperia.”

Sini in YLE Aamu TV!

Oli jännittävää päästä puhumaan Suomalaisesta lasimuotoilusta YLE:n Aamu TV:hen! Ohjelmassa kohtasi historia, muotoilu ja taide, joten hyvin lyhyeen aikaan saatiin tiivistettyä useita erilaisia näkökulmia! Ohjelman voi katsoa yllä olevasta linkistä.

AIKA Glass Exhibition in Helsinki


Welcome to see my new glass narrative: Aika – 8.8 – 8.9 Gallery Mafka&Alakoski, Helsinki! Opening party 8.8 at 18.00 at Iso roobertinkatu 19, Helsinki.

Design Pier opening cocktail 27th March


Welcome to the opening party of the Design Pier on 27th March at 7PM. Also, on 29th March at 5 PM: me and Lincoln Kayiwa will be hosting Meet the designers event for the Finnish Chamber of Commerce! This is a great opportunity to hear the stories behind the objects – how the starting point of the design really brings new depth to the pieces. The Panel discussion of the Design Pier will also start after our event, at 6:30.

There is a great opportunity to see the new techniques of modern glass sculpting when I’ll be visiting beautiful Glazden glass studio. We will be making a demo about how to drown 3D printed images under the hot glass lava! So take your friends and come to Glazden studio on 30 March at 11 AM, G/F, 23 Sau Wa Fong Wan Chai!



Sini Majuri’s glass in Bukowskis auction!

The Helsinki Today auction opens today Bukowskis Finland! It’s possible to bid also online until 19 March! I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful contemporary art exhibition with a collection of glass pieces from past years! I’ll exhibit 10 graal glass pieces with a touch of surrealism and also contemporary light sculptures. All pieces are available for international bids also.

Auction 8th–19th March online

Viewing 14th–19th March, Iso Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki

Toronto Interior Design Show 2018


VUORI glass Mountains will be presented in Toronto Interior Design Show 2018 in the Designboom Mart that highlights the 30 most innovative design ideas from year 2018! Fair will be held 18 – 21.1.2018 and are open in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Glass mountains are mouth-blown and shaped by hand, signed and numbered. Welcome!

Toronto Interior Design Show 2018

Designboom Mart

January 18 – 21, 2018

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

North Building

255 Front Street West

Article in Designboom Magazine

Finish glass artist sini majuri combines 3D-design with old glass blowing techniques in her latest luxury vase collection for dutz collection. 

Inspired by nature, the premise of the glass collection is to create objects that gain their value from the quality, design and material. ‘sometimes, a very simple object can be multi-dimensional when using glass as a medium,’ explains the designer. ‘for example, there is the visual layer of glass: how does the glass reflect, and how will the colors look in different lighting?’

Read the entire article from HERE

Graal workshop in Glass Axis, Ohio

It was fun to teach graal glass workshop at Glass Axis Columbus, Ohio! In the workshop we made experimental mixtures with 3D prints, silk screen transfers, metal sprays and free hand paintings on glass.

Sini Majuri Design Taiteiden Yössä 2017

Lasillinen kritiikkiä

Taiteiden Yönä to 24.8. kello 15-21

Galleria Mafka&Alakoski

Iso roobertinkatu 19 Helsinki

Lasi on kiehtova ja kaunis materiaali. Millaisia teoksia sinä toivoisit näkeväsi? Entä millaisia tuotteita haluaisit käyttää? Lasillinen kritiikkiä on palkittujen nuorten lasitaiteilijoiden ja -muotoilijoiden pop-up-näyttely, johon vieraat kutsutaan antamaan kritiikkiä!

Lasillinen kritiikkiä -näyttelyssä on esillä teoksia neljältä eri lasitaiteilijalta ja -muotoilijalta. He ovat myös paikan päällä ottamassa palautetta vastaan ja kertomassa työstään. Osallistuvat tekijät ovat lasitaitelija Marja Hepo-aho, lasitaiteilija Sini Majuri ja TuominenPatel design studion muotoilija-taiteilijat Terhi Tuominen ja Jitan V. Patel.

Sini Majurilta on tapahtumassa erä Vuoksi-maljoja, prototyyppi-maljakoita sekä lasivuoria.

Lasillinen kritiikkiä -illan vieraiden kesken arvotaan lasinpuhalluslahjakortti (arvo 75€) Riihimäellä toimivaan Lasistudio Mafka&Alakoskeen.

Vapaa pääsy.

– – – – – – –

Glass of critiques

The Night of the Arts Thursday 24th of August at 17-21

Gallery Mafka&Alakoski

Glass is a beautiful and enchanting material. What kind of glass art you wish to see? And what kind of products you want to use? The Glass of critiques is a pop-up exhibition of the young glass artists and designers where visitors are invited to give feedback!

Glass of critiques exhibits works from four glass artists and designers. They are present at the gallery during the evening to receive feedback and tell about their work. The exhibition participants are glass artist Marja Hepo-aho, glass artist Sini Majuri and from design studio TuominenPatel artists & designers Terhi Tuominen and Jitan V. Patel.

The Glass of critiques visitors have a chance to win a glassblowing gift card (value of 75€) to be used in Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski located in Riihimäki.

Free entry.

Interview in Radio Suomi

Listen the story of our glass mountains at Radio Suomi!

Kuuntele alta Radio Suomessa 29.6 esitetty haastattelu, jossa kerron lasisen vuorimaiseman synnystä ja matkasta maailmalle. Oli ilo kertoa, kuinka Suonenjoen metsistä lähtevä design-tuote pääsi Maaseuturahaston ja Mansikka ry:n avulla Japanin suurimmille design-messuille kesäkuun alussa. Haastattelu myös innoitti pohdiskelemaan esineiden syntyprosessia. On mielenkiintoista katsoa taakseen ja havaita, millainen kuljettu matka on ollut!

Interview by Antti Karhunen, YLE Itä-Suomi. Photo by Hannakaisa Markkanen Mansikka ry.

Glass Mountains in Tokyo

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2017
Interior Lifestyle Tokyo. Nordic Lifestyle June 14-16.2017

作家Sini Majuri(フィンランド) フィンランドで生まれたガラス・デザイン。 ガラスの山々からなる、たったひとつだけのノルディックな景色を創りませんか?インテリア・デザインにソウルを! この山々は1000度の溶岩状の溶融硝子を、冷氷水の中に浸すことで造られています。

国内外の最新のデザインアイテム、インテリア、トレンド、キーパーソンが結集するインテリア・デザインの国際見本市『インテリア ライフスタイル』が、6月14日(水)~16日(金)まで、今年も東京ビッグサイトで開催されます。


I’m so happy that our Glass comic can now be found from Bukowskis contemporary art auction! The cartoon scene is about a moment before awakening – when a woman is still between the dreamworld and reality. Design + Art Helsinki F185 auction is full of great design and beautiful details.

Find more images and rotated video from the glass cartoon scene from here: Bukowskis Design + Art Helsinki F185 auction


Oh my! It is so great to get an exlusive interview in HUF Magazine’s issue 55.

You can find my full interview from this link: INTERVIEW

Oli jännittävää saada pitkä haastattelu englantilaiseen HUF Magazineen.

Lue kokonainen haastattelu tästä linkissä: INTERVIEW



Find my intervierw from Glass Art Society’s Member Monday: Here

Haastattelu Glass Art Societyn sivuilla: Linkki



Glass blowing demo in Leerdam

De GlasBlazerij Leerdam


Thursday 29 September

15.00 – 17.00 PM

Zuidwal in het centrum van Leerdam

4141 BE Leerdam

Glass blowing demo Tubbergen


Friday 30 September

13.00 – 15.30 PM

Glass blowing demon 2 Tubbergen


Saturday 1 October

13.00 – 15.30 PM


The Flying Boat Exhibition in Kuopio got in the YLE Culture-news. It was exiting to tell about the history and the stories behind of the glass pieces! Exhibition was also in the Radio Suomi!

Kuopion lasinäyttelystä kirjoitettiin YLE:n Kulttuurissa. Oli jännää kertoa esineiden historiasta sekä tarinoista niiden takana. Samalla näyttelystä kerrottiin myös Suomi kierroksessa Radio Suomessa, jossa huristellaan ympäri Suomea kurkkaamassa erilaisia tapahtumia.




Gallery G12 Kuopio. Maaherrankatu 9



It was a great experience to be invited to Tendence fair in Frankfurt. My glass design was exhibited in Talents-exhibition. The most important part of the fair was to meet people from all over the World. Many exiting things will be happening in the near future because of the new contacts I made.

Oli jännittävää esitellä lasimuotoilua Frankfurtin Tendence-messuilla, jossa minut oli kutsuttu Talents-näyttelyyn. Messujen tärkeintä antia oli ihmisten tapaaminen ja yrityksiin tutustuminen ympäri maailmaa. Monia uusia ovia avautui ja tulevaisuudessa odottaakin jännittäviä yhteistyömahdollisuuksia!


G12 Kuopio

Meet the artist, Saturday 3.9 Gallery G12 Kuopio. Maaherrankatu 9. 12 – 16 PM.

Lauantaina 3.9 taiteilijatapaaminen Kuopiossa G12:sta klo 12-16. Maaherrankatu 9.


Welcome to the Lasia Maailmalle-design night 16.8.2016 at 11.00 – 20.00,  Gallery Mafka&Alakoski, Iso Roobertinkatu 19 Helsinki. I’ll show some of my original glass cartoon illustrations and explain the creative process behind the latest glass comic that will be exhibited in Glasrijk Tubbergen Glass Festival in Holland.

Tervetuloa Lasia Maailmalle-tapahtumaan 16.8 klo 11-20, Galleria Mafka&Alakoski, Iso Roobertinkatu 19 Helsinki. Esillä on alkuperäisiä lasisten sarjakuvien kuvituksia, lasiveistosten prototyyppejä sekä luonnoksia. Tapahtumalla tuetaan työryhmämme näyttelymatkaa Glasrijk Tubbergen lasitaidefestivaaleille edustamaan Suomea.



Sini Majuri. Tales on glass exhibition. London

Parallax art fair, Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London

FRIDAY, 22nd July, 7pm – 10.30pm

SATURDAY, 23rd July, 11am – 5pm

SUNDAY, 24th July, 11am – 5pm

Please find free entry tickets to the exhibition area from HERE

More info on Contemporary Glass Society


P1000210 (1).jpg

Meet the artist: Saturday 2.7 at 14-16 PM. Sini Majuri, The Flying Boat Exhibition. Gallery G12, Annankatu 16, Helsinki.



Helsingin Sanomat: Lasinpuhaltaja tekee sarjakuvia sata vuotta vanhalla tekniikalla


TL-Magazine: Sini Majuri: Tales on Glass -article


Summer exhibitions are soon opening. I have been working with graal’s that have 3 image layers on top of each other. These super thick pieces need 10 day annealing, so next Thursday will be really exiting day when the annealer is finally opened.

My first piece for the European Glass Festival 2016 is now ready. The main idea behind this piece is a sanctuary for a broken mind.
Here’s studio photo’s by Heidi-Hanna Karhu.


The theme for the European Glass Festival 2016 is Jekyll & Hyde. So something ominous and bloody is about to be blown under the layers of glass. All the invited artist are creating two glass sculptures with this topic and it has been truly interesting to strive to use glass in a bit twisted way.  Today I was working at Mafka&Alakoski’s Glass Studio in Riihimäki. We pondered about how to create blood splatters inside the glass but still maintain the sculpture poetic, mystic and fresh. The solution was to add spoonfull of red colours on two layers of the glass sculpture.

Creating a glass sculpture with Kari Alakoski in Riihimäki.
Creating the first glass sculpture for European Glass Festival 2016 with Kari Alakoski in Riihimäki.
The blood splatters were added with a silver spoon
The blood splatters were added with a silver spoon!
I'm using multiple layered graal-technique in the sculpture.
I’m using multiple layered graal-technique in the first sculpture. The second sculpture will be a companion for this one.

The exhibition will be held in Wrocław Poland, European Capital of Culture 2016 in 15.10.2016 – 23.10.2016. After this the exhibition will tour in Łódź (the City Art Gallery in Łódź), Legnica (the Art Gallery in Legnica); Jelenia Góra (the Karkonosze Museum, Krakow (the BB Gallery).


I’m delighted to be aboard in so many interesting glass events in 2016. My first solo exhibition in Helsinki opens in June in contemporary art gallery G12. There will be a glass story about a woman that finds herself in a dream with flying boats and swaying rooms. G12 has been a year-long project during which I have found new depth to the glass and added layers over layers using my beloved graal-technique that has it’s 100-year anniversary in 2016!

In June I will take part in group exhibitions in Gumbostrand Konst & Form and in Maila Talvio Salon. At the moment I’m blowing a group of playful glass carousels for Gumbostrand. Romantic Maila Talvio Salon exhibition will gather together works from earlier projects and cooperations: Tulintu Class Comic shall fly again!

After the summer the heat continues: In September I’ll take part Glasrijk Tubbergen 2016 in Netherlands! Two glass artist from each European country will be invited to the Glasrijk and it’s a great honour to be one of them.

In October begins the European Glass Festival 2016 that has invited 16 european glass artists to participate! It is great to be in this amazing event that will be held in Wroclaw, The European Capital of Culture 2016! The festival-exhibition will also tour in Łódź,  Jelenia Góra and Legnica.

Find more info here.


The story begins: Once upon a time there was a young prince who fell in love with a bird, which he would never be able to capture.In September 2015 our Comic Art in Glass exhibition opened up in Finnish Glass Museum. YLE ‘s Cultural Cocktail-production made a documentary about the glass cartoon, as well as the manufacturing process of the sculptures. The documentary was titled: Magical cartoon come to life inside the glass. In the video we also visited the Finnish Glass Museum exhibition, as well as the wonderful Mafka & Alakoski – glass studio in Riihimäki.

Comic art in glass.

Exhibition in Finnish Glass Museum

11.9 – 1.11.2015.
More info here.

Taos Glass Expo 2015
Taos Glass Expo 2015

The Taos Glass Expo will open August 14 and run through November 2015. Originating from the successful Taos Art Glass Invitational whose fifth biennial was held in October, 2014, the 2015 Expo features works in glass by internationally acclaimed studio glass artists from the United States, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, shown at five Taos galleries, all located on Kit Carson Road: David Anthony Fine Art (an AACG member gallery), Copper Moon Gallery, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, The Ranch at Taos and The Grand Bohemian Gallery at El Monte Sagrado.

Among the scheduled Expo events are demonstrations by and discussions with various regional studio glass artists, which will coincide with the Taos Art Market’s hours on Saturdays, and will expand visitors’ knowledge and appreciation for the rarified methodologies of glassmaking.

By young exhibition in Netherlands August 1 - 21 September 2015
By young exhibition in Netherlands August 1 – 21 September 2015

Urban Glass article 2015
Articles in Urban Glass, TL Magazine and Designboom.

Tulintu-Comic Art in Glass exhibition started it’s world tour from Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2015. The story was published in Designboom, Urban Glass and TL Magazine. It’s a cartoon story on blown glass. Every glass piece presents a scene in the story. In 2015 pieces from the set were presented in Venice, New York, New Mexico, Leerdam, Riihimäki and Toronto.


I participated The Taos Art Glass Invitational in Taos, New Mexico 2014. It was an international biennial and juried exhibition wiht 60 glass artists from 12 countries. My glass sculptured are exhibited in David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA) located on Kit Carson Road, with internationally acclaimed studio glass artists.