Scandinavian design
Scandinavian design lamps are handmade in Finland

The Spike lamp is inspired by social distancing and fashion subcultures. The core of the design is also mimic the contrariety of nature, how simplicity becomes complexity.

The main materials used in the Spike lamp are mold made ceramic sphere and metal spikes. Both materials have shiny surface that reflect the environment of the object. The interior of the lamp is contrasting to the outer area, because it has a warm and smooth texture. Spike lamp is studio made from ceramics and recycled metal and it represents Scandinavian design philosophy. Spike plays with contrasts. It reflect to spiky fashion of punk culture yet to calm Scandinavian mood. It is a voluminous piece, yet the warm light is focused only into a small pointy area under the piece. The diameter of the ceramic part is 350 mm x 320 mm. With the spikes the diameter of the lamp is 450 mm x 370 mm.

Spike is produces pink, white and black. The studio made lamp can be pre-ordered from Sini via email. The manufacturing time is about 2 to 3 weeks. Interested? Email Sini and order your studio made spike lamp!