Dreams drowned in glass exhibition opened at Glass Axis’s Kennedy Galleries in September 2017! The story explores the mixing up of the places, atmospheres and memories of which dreams are built. Each sculpture in the show was a scene from a narrative. Together, the pieces formed a modernized narrative captured in glass and rolled into one 3D design using the graal glassblowing technique.

During my visit to Columbus it was fun to teach graal glass workshop. In the workshop the students made experimental mixtures with 3D prints, silk screen transfers, metal sprays and free hand paintings on glass. See all the amazing works from the video below:

The workshop was in Glass Axis, Columbus Ohio.
The exhibition started with a glass blowing demonstration about graal technique.
Ohio was full of inspirational wonders!
In Ohio it was great to see places that had such a mystical feeling..
Karelia is a comic story inside blown glass. Each piece is a scene from a narrative that continues from sculpture to sculpture.