Jungle Collection by Sini Majuri is awarded with a golden A’Design Award in Italy in 2018. The 500 piece limited edition studio collection was designed for DutZ Collection, Netherlands and manufactured in Riihimäki, Finland. In 2022 Jungle is created in a limited color edition and sold in Finland.

The premise of the Jungle is to create objects that gain their value from the quality and design. The origin of the creative process extends to a moment when a wave rolled upon the shore. The sound was soft yet intense. These contrasts in nature and the way they create harmony is desired to be captured in the Jungle collection: The serenity and wildness of the water and trees.

Each piece has a unique color play inside the glass. Sometimes, a very simple object can be multi-dimensional when using glass as a medium. For example, there is the visual layer of glass: how does the glass reflect, and how will the colors look in different lighting.

Color splashes of each piece are freehanded on hot glass. The blue vase is nominated as a candidate in Land Rover’s Born 2018 Awards and also exhibited in Design Pier Hong Kong.
viidakko4 kopio
The premise of the Finnish glass collection is to create objects that gain their value from the quality.
The mouth blown studio glass collection is insired by the nature
The creation process makes sure that each piece has it’s own character