Vuoksi drinking glass and desert bowl captures the movement of a fluttering fabric inside the glass material. The bottom of the glass is transparent and it directs the light into the liquid inside. The combination of transparent and opaque flirts with light and shadow. Each glass has it’s own breath because the movement of the cloth-like colour is frozen inside the glass during the glass blowing process.

Mold blown glass. Helsinki, Finland.

Calm and silent arctic landscapes in glass. Polar Night- lamp is inspired by the surface of the snow and the atmosphere in the mountains of Lapland. The lamp has multiple nested glass domes that filter the light in various ways. Darker domes create soft light and a contrast to the white glass domes that shine brighter. The variation in the amount of light creates a throwback to Northern phenomenon, The Polar Night.

The Polar Night occurs when the night lasts 24 hours. This happens only inside the polar circles. Even the sun stays under the horizon, it is never completely dark because the snow reflects the light that remains. When there is only a small amount of light it becomes valuable and sacred.

Free formed glass, alder, led-light. Helsinki, Finland


Tendence 2016

Talents Tendence

Modern Crafts in hall 9.0


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