Find Noa Milo from Berengo Studio, Murano. Paradox – Noa Milo is a part of the Infinity Vessel project by glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho. Artists are reflecting lovelessess in society, what happens to an individual when humanity and emotions are disconnected from the surrounding community. 

Fragile glass vessel is a metaphor of humanity, how we all are paradoxically broken and whole at the same time. Vessel can be seen as a womb, a lost paradise that we can never return to. It is a surface between an individual and the society. Fetus is the potential and hope sheltered by the insubstantial skin. Glass and bronze sculpture are in balance. Artists are using ornaments from Finnish and Ukrainian tradition. Golden hand painted pine needle is a symbol of bravery as the serpent is a protecting element. 

Production team:

Sini Majuri

Marja Hepo-aho

Kari Alakoski

Arto Hyyryläinen