• scandinavain design

The Icy Cocktail Glass by Sini Majuri is inspired by Northern nature and the different states of ice. The Scandinavian design project combines ancient Venetian tradition with modern Scandinavian simplicity and usability.

The Icy glasses are perfect for serving chilled drinks and cocktails. Studio made drinking vessels are expertly handcrafted in Finland. Simple yet vibrant shape highlights the details of a designer cocktail and also more traditional beverages. The diameter of the Icy glass is 80 mm and height 100 mm. The dimensions are designed so that the tumbler offers a sturdy feel in the hand and the capacity of the glass is suitable for modern designer drinks.

The design philosophy in Icy series is to create elegant, timeless and durable everyday objects with soul. An important part of the value base of the objects is to preserve and enliven the disappearing craftsmanship of studio made glass. The main aim of the design has been to create future classics, objects that are more than mere drinking glasses. Each studio made Scandinavian design piece has unique charisma that is based on the subtle details of the object.

The glass can be pre-ordered directly from Sini by email. The manufacturing time in all the objects is about 1-2 weeks.