Sini Majuri’s exhibition is in Gumbostrand Konst & Form till 3.10.2021. Pandemic experiences of Finnish families are mirrored inside Majuri’s latest sculptural works. The series is also invited to the Venice Glass Week HUB in Palazzo Loredan. The sculptures made from mouth blown glass reflect the details of old buildings, fishbone parquet floors, soap bubbles blown in midsummer weddings. They are moods and emotions that can only be captured inside the poetic glass medium. A collection of Majuri’s latest limited edition design series that are awarded in A’Design Award Italy, are also in the exhibition.

The midsummer eve is the inspiration in this sculpture with feminine reflections and details of the Scandinavian interiors. The sculpture is about the fear, that a young woman felt when arranging her sisters wedding. Could the soap bubbles carry the virus? How long does the virus last on the surfaces of coffee cups? The old Finnish belief of a premonition “Etiäinen” is also one of the main themes in the exhibition. Etiäinen is in a way a living shadow of a person, that walks before of us.
The stories of the pandemic year are collected from Majuri’s home region via newspaper ads and social media. The project is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation. Blown glass sculptures mirror the emotions of the time when the moments that we meet our loved ones are changed.
The exhibition also showcases limited edition works that were awarded in A’Design Awards earlier this year.
Sini Majuri is the founder of FRESH Finland project that takes new contemporary Finnish glass to Venice Glass Week in September 2021. It’s about contemporary glass with Scandinavian cool!  As the studio made glass is listed in the UNESCO’s endangered World heritage, the project aims to highlight what the new, innovative, living Norden glass is all about. There are eight artists from Finland, each expressing in a unique way with this medium. The project also helps individual artists to work together and network internationally.

Images: Sonja Falk, Gumbostrand Konst & Form