ILT interior lifestyle Tokyo

“The clouds are so low that they spill over the mountain slopes. The air is raw and it
keeps your senses sharp. The green is greener than anywhere else. “

This is how I felt when I trekked the Scottish Highlands last summer. I wanted to capture that feeling into my glass design and to create objects which could somehow form a mountainous landscape. To my mind mountains allow us to see far. There is something sacred in them because they remind us how small we are.

The idea haunted my dreams until I started to make sketches that slowly evolved into something that looked like Lonely mountains from Moomin fairytales. I wanted the objects to have simplified shapes yet still have character: Snow and ice at the peak.. individual textures and colours.. soulfulness.

Glass mountains will be presented in ILT interior lifestyle Tokyo fair in the Nordic Lifestyle-exhibition. Fair will be held 14 – 16.06.2017 and are open in the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center.

The mountains are blown into the mold, which gives them a uniform conical shape. Working Process aims at the color and texture variations. Objects will be completed during the spring of 2017.

The most important task of Tokyo exhibition is to open fresh new trails for Finnish glass and really highlight the beauty and timeless possibilities of glass. It is also a statement in order to maintain and reform the craft traditions.

ILT interior lifestyle Tokyo

Nordic Lifestyle

West Hall 1, D-12

Sini Majuri: Vuori

June 14 – June 16

Tokyo, Japan