Summer exhibitions are soon opening. I have been working with graal’s that have 3 image layers on top of each other. These super thick pieces need 10 day annealing, so next Thursday will be really exiting day when the annealer is finally opened.


My first piece for the European Glass Festival 2016 is now ready. The main idea behind this piece is a sanctuary for a broken mind.

Here’s studio photo’s by Heidi-Hanna Karhu.



BLOWING THE FIRST PIECE FOR THE EUROPEAN GLASS FESTIVAL 2016The theme for the European Glass Festival 2016 is Jekyll & Hyde. So something ominous and bloody is about to be blown under the layers of glass. All the invited artist are creating two glass sculptures with this topic and it has been truly interesting to strive to use glass in a bit twisted way.  Today I was working at Mafka&Alakoski’s Glass Studio in Riihimäki. We pondered about how to create blood splatters inside the glass but still maintain the sculpture poetic, mystic and fresh. The solution was to add spoonfull of red colours on two layers of the glass sculpture.

Creating a glass sculpture with Kari Alakoski in Riihimäki.
Creating the first glass sculpture for European Glass Festival 2016 with Kari Alakoski in Riihimäki.
The blood splatters were added with a silver spoon
The blood splatters were added with a silver spoon!
I'm using multiple layered graal-technique in the sculpture.
I’m using multiple layered graal-technique in the first sculpture. The second sculpture will be a companion for this one.

The exhibition will be held in Wrocław Poland, European Capital of Culture 2016 in 15.10.2016 – 23.10.2016. After this the exhibition will tour in Łódź (the City Art Gallery in Łódź), Legnica (the Art Gallery in Legnica); Jelenia Góra (the Karkonosze Museum, Krakow (the BB Gallery).




Flying Boat Exhibition in G12, Helsinki. 11.6 – 7.7.2016


I’m delighted to be aboard in so many interesting glass events in 2016.

My first solo exhibition in Helsinki opens in June in contemporary art gallery G12. There will be a glass story about a woman that finds herself in a dream with flying boats and swaying rooms. G12 has been a year-long project during which I have found new depth to the glass and added layers over layers using my beloved graal-technique that has it’s 100-year anniversary in 2016!

In June I will take part in group exhibitions in Gumbostrand Konst & Form and in Maila Talvio Salon. At the moment I’m blowing a group of playful glass carousels for Gumbostrand. Romantic Maila Talvio Salon exhibition will gather together works from earlier projects and cooperations: Tulintu Class Comic shall fly again!
After the summer the heat continues: In September I’ll take part Glasrijk Tubbergen 2016 in Netherlands! Two glass artist from each European country will be invited to the Glasrijk and it’s a great honour to be one of them.

In October begins the European Glass Festival 2016 that has invited 16 european glass artists to participate! It is great to be in this amazing event that will be held in Wroclaw, The European Capital of Culture 2016! The festival-exhibition will also tour in Łódź,  Jelenia Góra and Legnica.

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The story begins: Once upon a time there was a young prince who fell in love with a bird, which he would never be able to capture.In September 2015 our Comic Art in Glass exhibition opened up in Finnish Glass Museum. YLE ‘s Cultural Cocktail-production made a documentary about the glass cartoon, as well as the manufacturing process of the sculptures. The documentary was titled: Magical cartoon come to life inside the glass. In the video we also visited the Finnish Glass Museum exhibition, as well as the wonderful Mafka & Alakoski – glass studio in Riihimäki.

Comic art in glass.

Exhibition in Finnish Glass Museum

11.9 – 1.11.2015.
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Taos Glass Expo 2015
Taos Glass Expo 2015

The Taos Glass Expo will open August 14 and run through November 2015. Originating from the successful Taos Art Glass Invitational whose fifth biennial was held in October, 2014, the 2015 Expo features works in glass by internationally acclaimed studio glass artists from the United States, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, shown at five Taos galleries, all located on Kit Carson Road: David Anthony Fine Art (an AACG member gallery), Copper Moon Gallery, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, The Ranch at Taos and The Grand Bohemian Gallery at El Monte Sagrado.

Among the scheduled Expo events are demonstrations by and discussions with various regional studio glass artists, which will coincide with the Taos Art Market’s hours on Saturdays, and will expand visitors’ knowledge and appreciation for the rarified methodologies of glassmaking.






By young exhibition in Netherlands August 1 - 21 September 2015
By young exhibition in Netherlands August 1 – 21 September 2015





Urban Glass article 2015
Articles in Urban Glass, TL Magazine and Designboom.

Tulintu-Comic Art in Glass exhibition started it’s world tour from Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2015. The story was published in Designboom, Urban Glass and TL Magazine. It’s a cartoon story on blown glass created by Helsinki based artists’ Sini Majuri and Ella Varvio. Every glass piece presents a scene in the story. In 2015 pieces from the set were presented in Venice, New York, New Mexico, Leerdam, Riihimäki and Toronto.




I participated The Taos Art Glass Invitational in Taos, New Mexico 2014. It was an international biennial and juried exhibition wiht 60 glass artists from 12 countries. My glass sculptured are exhibited in David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA) located on Kit Carson Road, with internationally acclaimed studio glass artists.



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